Tuesday 22 June 2010

A Flattering Portrayal

So, having had Algria paint me, and Judy photograph me, and Cakebread provide me with the ultimate prop, I got a bit carried away, felt fabulous, and asked artist Karin Miller to please photoshop my arms, and create a portrait for this blog, in that order. I first saw Karin's work when she did some spreads for Visi magazine a few years ago, and then I saw the wonderful portrait that she had done for a friend's mother--in-law, the fabulous chef, and inspirational woman, Judy Badenhorst. She also did some covers for De Kat, which I loved. And had several very successful exhibitions at a gallery in Cape Town, where her gently subversive politically intriguing images haunted me. All equally spectacular. And so now here I am, unashamedly copying those far more creative than myself, and so having made myself my very own cover girl... I'm delighted with the photoshopped, Pierneef-esque background, beloved Table Mountain, promise-filled pomegranate and very important Isabel Allende quote from her book Aphrodite. It's a nice picture to look at when I'm having a bad hair day. Like today.
Or like yesterday when Mike the proprietor of the lovely little cafe, Puka in Tamboerskloof, asked me if I was the same woman who wrote for Taste magazine. Yes, I smiled happily at him, 'Yes, that's me,' I said. 'Hmmm.', he replied doubtfully, looking at my walking gear, and and plain face, ' Sure doesn't look like you...'

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  1. Hi, Love the at work created for you.
    \i'm trying to get a contact number/email for karin miller, do you think you could send me details on how to contact her pls? \i would really really appreciate it! :) Thanks