Sunday 25 July 2010

The Cakeman Cometh

Jacques is thrilled to be home. Me? Not so much. Max? Even less. But the home-loving Cancerian in our household has spent the day tidying the study (ie. bookshelves arranged so that his books enjoy prime position), and criticizing the way I pack the pantry. Max is restless and seems to be pining for the Karoo. While all I can think of is the 8.30 am interview I've set up for Monday morning, and the work promised to a friend. In short, I have the Sunday Blues. I'd like a huge glass of red wine and a couple of uninterrupted hours of Brothers & Sisters, followed by CSI. In other words I am in a vegetative state. Max is sulking. And Jacques has put us both to shame. And baked a Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing from Cakebread's book Cakes to Celebrate Love and Life. And it is glorious. So we sat drinking hot tea and eating warm cake on our stoep and listened to the surrounding city sounds. And maybe, just perhaps, there are better things to do on a Sunday night than drink wine and watch TV...


  1. mmm yummy ! well done Cake you think if I show this to the Cancerian in my kitchen he will get the message? have a lovely week Colx

  2. Hmm Colette.... Perhaps. But not if you continue spoiling him with your chocolate cake decorated with the upside-down-sexy- legs-on-show cake topper!

  3. hmpf, word nie eers genooi om te kom sample nie...