Friday 9 July 2010

Candied Jewels

(Delice in the Dubai mall in Dubai)

( Nicky and I)
( sweet detail)

I've just finished packing for an overnight stay in Stellenbosch. Max has a baby-dog-sitter, and this is our first night away from him... Am feeling a bit funny about it. Am of course overcompensating by feeding him loads of treats , unpacking his special toys, and generally acting like an angst-ridden mother. And I have to get over myself, because as Jacques reminds me, 'he's just a dog'. But he is a special dog, so I allow myself to feel a bit of separation anxiety..
Anyway as I was packing my some jewellery into a small box I use for that purpose, smiled, remembering where I had originally got the box from and recalled a lovely afternoon spent with my friend Nicky when I visited her in Dubai last year. She took me to this fabulous confectioner in The Dubai Mall called Delice. The shop was drop-dead gorgeous, looked like beautiful jewellery store with all the sweets created to look like intricate jewel-like works of art. White padded leather, crystal chandeliers, glass and mirrors. Ravishing. Nicky bought me a box of four, which came wrapped as if we'd just been shopping at Graff and we shared them -half a bite each. And I can't recall if they tasted as good as they looked, in fact I'm almost sure they didn't. But they didn't have to, because the moment was sweet enough.


  1. Hi Samma I recently went to Dubai mall with my mom and saw the jewels again. They had this amazing flower arrangement all made from marzipan. The shop in Abu Dahbi is not nearly so special or impressive as we are the poor cousins when it comes to UAE bling!

  2. Nicky, does anybody do bling better than those in Dubai?
    My 40th birthday tiara that you gave me proves it! x