Thursday 15 July 2010

Mia Mine

( Our Mia...blond curls, blue eyes and loads of attitude)

This is Mia, my brother's firstborn. She is also my Godchild. I adore her, and have done so from the first moment I laid eyes on her. I cried when I saw her for the first time, and promised that I would love and protect her always. I also knew that in addition to being her Auntie Good Times ( which involves lots of bling, a pink tutu, pink boots and inappropriate plastic high-heeled Cinderella shoes) I wanted her to look up to me as an example of womanhood, but it so happens that at 2 years of age, she is teaching me some valuable lessons.
One is that she loves her very curly, sometimes unruly hair. And insists that it stay the way it is. After bathing her, my wonderful sister-in-law, Pat, combs and flattens Mia's hair in a tidy 'do'. After which Mia,walks straight to the mirror, puts her hands in her hair and fluffs it up again. The way she likes it. The way her hair is supposed to be. As small as she is, Mia is choosing to look like herself.
The other thing she does, and her mother must take credit for allowing this, is that although she is a little girl with an extremely healthy appetite, when she has had enough of anything, she stops eating and says, 'Klaar.' (Finished) And then she eats no more. She does not have to clean the plate. She knows when she has had enough to eat, is in tune with her small tummy and tiny body. She eats well and until she is satisfied. But when she's has enough it's klaar.
I am struggling to learn these lessons. Of self-acceptance. And of listening to my body. And I desperately hope that I will succeed, so that one day, if and when (and God willing she never does) Mia comes to me for comfort and reassurance, I will be able to remind her of the lessons she taught me when she was only just 2 years old.


  1. Thanks Sam, you always have the most incredible compliments for both Mia and myself. You are already an amazing role model for her, and I hope that she realizes one day how lucky she is to have you as her Godmother. And yes, there are some wonderful lessons to be learnt from a 2 year old...

  2. Pat. it's so very easy to say nice things about you two. xxx

  3. I love these one... I remember the happiness of your mom talking about Mya when I visited SA. Ruben