Tuesday 10 August 2010

Divulging The Secret of Domestic Sluttery

( Ta Dum! Opening the doors to Domestic Sluttery...)

I've agonized over this post. Some things are just so fabulous, you selfishly want to keep them to yourself. Like the time I bought a pair of black leather boots at Pollini in Sloane Street; they were the wrong size; even I knew that a Size 9 would be way to big, but it was the tail end of the January sales, and it was such a bargain, and I simply had own them; could not let anyone else have them. Not at that price. So there I was stuck with a pair of size 9 black boots that I really could not walk in, not even when triple-socking, and so I learned a valuable lesson. With some things The Universe requires us to be generous. Some things need to be passed on. Secrets are secrets, and when entrusted to you, should never be divulged. But happy World Wide Web discoveries, such as the most subversive recipe blog (What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner), the funniest Youtube clips (Tim Michin) are meant to be shared.
Which is why, (and of course I also hope that cyber karma will be delighted by my generosity towards the world and will richly reward me for it) I have to tell you about my absolute favourite website. Wait for it.... Domestic Sluttery. It is beyond fabulous. It is described as 'The home and lifestyle blog for women who have better things to do.' And it will compel you to shop-till-you-drop, redecorate your home, bake and cook like goddess enable you to transform yourself, all the while sipping your martini, eating your cupcake, and being smugly self-congratulatory about being such a divinely clever-clever girl. With such divinely clever-clever cyber mates.

Thanks to Domestic Sluttery I now make the very best Slutty Pasta as it's become known in our home. It's a brocolli, anchovy, chilli and garlic number, which I have simplified even further, by buying those nifty Woolies chilli, garlic, ginger ready chopped quadrants. Even better for a quickie pasta.
Simply steam the broccoli then put aside. While your spaghetti is boiling, melt a jar of anchovies in some good olive oil on a low heat, before adding loads of chopped garlic and chilli and stirring together. When your spaghetti is done al dente, of course, add the anchovy, chilli and garlic mix to the pasta as well as the steamed broccoli. Serve with a chilled bottle of nice white.

This, by way of warning, is not a pasta for shy girls or retiring boys. But why would you be having them for dinner anyway?

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