Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Curbside Carbs

(The Real Pavement Special)

There are many things I love about my home town; the beach, the mountain, the forests, in other words: The Scenic Splendour. But at heart I'm a woman who loves The Smog. I adore urban spaces. Which is why when all the wholesome goodness of being back in Cape Town gets a bit too much, I talk a friend into having a relatively early breakfast at Jardine's bakery in Bree Street. Queueing on the pavement, waiting for a splendid latte, watching the manic bakers at work, being tempted by the smell of freshly-baked carbs and relishing the thought of eating the very best ham and cheese croissant is the perfect way to start the day. Jardine's pavement bakery is a Weekday Only Affair starting at 7am in the morning and closing shop at 3.30pm. Sadly on weekends you go cold turkey. So make the most of it during the week, and if you have the time, and the gossip is good , order a cranberry danish with your second cup of coffee. Ask for it to be slightly warmed. It's pure perfection.


  1. I will get to Jardine's Bakery the day that I decided to indulge during the week. Oh what a glorious day that will be!

  2. Call me when you do? Had a lovely early morning coffee there yesterday and by the time I'd left having bumped into so many friends it was after 10am! So happy having overdosed on caffeine and good vibes.