Monday 20 September 2010

Let Us Eat Cake

(Of course this cake shop deserves first prize)

(Bakers Extraordinaire and Siblings Divine: Callie Maritz and Mari-Louis Guy)

(Street Decor)

(My Cake)

This is a completely, unashamedly biased review. I love love LOVE Cakebread. The owners/bakers/gloriously talented brother sister duo are friends of mine and I like them almost as much as I like what they bake. For the past few years I have received, given and eaten their fabulous cupcakes for celebrations and conciliatory occasions. I have publicly declared their Red Velvets to be way, way better than the iconic New York as-seen-on -Sex in The City Magnolia Bakery version and their freshly baked white chocolate cupcakes dressed with crushed raspberries and mascarpone are the stuff of dreams. Their cupcakes are miniature works of art, their large cakes sophisticated and elegant yet also deliciously wicked when the occasion calls for it - a divorce cake and a rude food party cake springs to mind!
But up until now, my cake cravings needed careful planning, I needed to order in advance, or at least give a couple of hours notice. But no more, because Callie en Mari-Louis have opened up a boutique cake shop - Cakebread, a place described as 'Tuisnywerheid meets High Fashion' on 71 Roeland Street, right next to my favourite book shop The Book Lounge. Now I can pop in anytime I like if my carb-cake addictions begins to get out of hand. But beware the Blue Mondays. Cakebread are closed on that dreadful day. I know. It happened to me and I left empty-handed and dikbek. Go in and but some beautiful, freshly baked goodies, buy some old-fashioned boere poedings, or some fabulously savoury pies to take home. And you have to take it home, because this is no sit-down and enjoy a cup of tea with your cupcake type of place - it's not a cafe, it's a shop. But you'll want to linger, and that's ok. Cake People are Nice People. And they'll let you drool over the rose petal-topped cakes, and the romantically old-fashioned iced cookies. And the swirled meringues . And the gorgeous tarts. And maybe you'll spy Mari-Louis or Callie there, and they're pretty easy on the eye as well.

Visit them on 71 Roeland Street, Cape Town or contact them on or 072 7841226 to place orders in advance for large scale indulgences.


  1. Amanda aka Mandy xxx22 September 2010 at 16:41

    Ooh, looks heavenly. And seeing as I'm (at the moment) giving into my post-second-baby body and all its floppy sagginess, cake and pies are on my to-do list. Yum. And so pretty looking too. Park rendezvous sometime soon, okay?

  2. Mandy, how about I stop off at Cakebread before park rendezvous? And you and your post-second-baby body are both glorious.