Tuesday 16 August 2011

I love, love LOVE this room. And its creator is also ok.

(The M Bar)

I know that my friend Etienne Hanekom is going to be really famous one day. I've also told him that I won't be saying too many other nice things about him and his talents to his face, or else he'll become big-headed and a real doos. Perhaps I also fear that he won't walk into our house and make brilliant decor suggestions anymore. Or that he won't want to bring his power drill and rehang our art for us. Or that he won't be fearless with paint on our behalf. But I have to say this at least once. He is the most profoundly talented creative genius I know. And his latest project at Majeka House in Stellenbosch is pure magic. Commissioned to create the new restaurant Makaron, a cigar lounge, the M Bar, the foyer and a couple of bedrooms, the owners gave him a free hand (and by the looks of it a rather generous budget) and the results are magnificent. I love the serene and elegant restaurant where the Louis Ghost chairs play nicely with the revamped antique ones, and I cannot yet get over the amazing sumptuousness of the I'm-So-Hot-And-Fabulous-In-This-Room-I-Want-to-Wear-the-Louboutins-I -Don't-Yet-Own-To-Drinks M Bar.
I want to move in, I want to be able to play on the grand piano. I want to be thin and wear skimpy cocktail frocks. I want to drink French Champagne and make sparkling conversation throughout the day and consume single malt whiskey all night long until my voice is husky. I want to hold court on the black leather Chesterfield. I want to be scandalous. And daring. Know secrets. I want to be the M Bar.

Majeka House
26 - 32 Houtkapper Street
Western Cape
Tel: 021 8801549
Email: reservations@majekahouse.co.za

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