Monday 25 March 2013

Chocolate + Pedicure = Happy Feet

Almost two years ago I wrote a post on Bastien Gonzales pedicures at the One & Only Cape Town . I reread is this morning.  And I'll post if for you, in case you want to read it as well. And perhaps you should because when I read it I was quite pleased with myself. I liked what I wrote. And believe me after the week I've had in which I panicked, obsessed and hated myself for struggling so much with a piece of writing, I need a little reassurance. And there it was, a funny light-hearted recommendation. Clever me.
(What I wrote two years ago)
Now, I have had many pedicures at beauty salons, and quite a few podiatrist/ chiropodist appointments as well. But have always found that the one was aesthetic (beauty salons and spas) and the other medicinal (podiatrist/ chiropodists). And that there is seldom an overlap. Until my Bastien Gonzalez experience. These treatments, developed by an ex competitive skier and podiatrist to the stars (Don't you just love that expression? Imagine the conversations...'Tell Halle Berry to wait, I'm busy with Eta Carinae now and she's flown in from far.') are curative and aesthetic as well as incredibly luxurious. Therapist, Area Manager and Bastien Gonzalez devotee, Kim Milton took charge of my feet. While Celeste Osbourne managed my hands.
There were a few things that immediately told me that this pedicure and manicure would be unlike any other I had ever experienced. Firstly I was offered chocolate once I was snugly ensconced in my electric-blanket-already-on-reclining-chair. I knew I was off to a great start.
Surprisingly no water was used during either treatment, as wet skin can hide problems that need to be evaluated.
Cuticles are not pushed back, or cut as in other treatments.
No foot file, or pumice stone came near my feet, as this apparently promotes and encourages the growth of hard, thicker skin, causing ugly cracked heels. Instead, a blade is used to remove excess skin, and the use of powder is recommended to prevent friction when wearing closed shoes or high heels. Feet should be moisturized at night. Nail varnish should be removed, allowing nails to breathe etc, etc
I know all of this is hardly appropriate for a mostly-food blog. But wait, the results are amazing, butter-soft heels, and shiny buffed nails. And the experience was really relaxing and luxurious. Once all the work had been done, the lights in the treatment room were dimmed and the chair moved even further back until I was almost lying down. And then I smelt it... the sweet, beautiful scent of chocolate. This was the vitamin-E enriched, cocoa and paraffin wax treatment which was used to massage my hands and feet in tandem. A heavenly 75 minutes later, it was still raining outside, but I was walking on sunshine. Havaianas might not be in the same league as Jimmy Choo, but my feet sure as hell didn't know the difference. They had developed a personality all of their own. It may have been the sugar rush, it may have been the massage, but they felt goooood. And they wanted to be shown off. They wanted to party...

So there you have it; another guilt-free chocolate pleasure.
Sure the treatment is pricey, but so is liposuction! 
(The end)

So why, you may ask, would I now write about something I'd written about before? Because it was a gift? Partly. But not necessarily. It's because it's a wonderful treat/ treatment and a really good deal. Last year I bruised my credit card by taking out a Bastien mani /pedi package, consisting of three glorious sessions. Which was terribly lavish / 'hey big spender-ish' of me considering that I'm a freelancer with an irregular income but the thrill of languishing at the One & Only Spa was just too tempting. I like the place. I like the place so very much... So imagine my delight when I saw that Bastien Studio at the One & Only  are running a special at the moment. And the best of it is that while your feet and hands are being pampered, you get to eat chocolate. As much as you like. And while you're not going to make a piglet of yourself, there is a delicious decadence to scoffing chocolate while in a spa. But the really good news is that this is not only an  Easter Bunny Special. While the man or woman in your life may well like this more than yet another Easter egg (and let's face it we all much prefer the cheap marshmallow one that we nick from the kids, anyway), this is a much more luxurious gift, if you can't afford Fabergé. This promotion runs till the end of May. And you really shouldn't miss it. And if you're spoiling yourself or someone else, do try the Bastien Le Baume Sensitive Feet Balm.  Silky soft and non-greasy and works like a charm on horrible heels. You'll never want to use good old Eulactol ever again.

So herewith the details:
Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio by Bastien Gonzales
Reservations: Tel: 021 4315810

Chocoholic Delight Special offer: The special runs until 31 May 2013 and  offers a Pedicure for R750 (instead of R945) and a Manicure for R450 (instead of R525). This includes having your limbs massaged with fabulous cocoa-fragranced and Vitamin E enriched paraffin wax. And eating as many delicious chocolates as you can decently manage.

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